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case study: growth

Lunar Digital Assets has worked with Matic Network (now Polygon), a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, providing full-scale incubation and marketing services since May 2019 (when MATIC was under a cent, $0.008).

Over three years since engaging with LDA, Polygon's token increased in price by over 500x.


price increase

polygon (matic) price
May 2019- December 2021


case Study: Matic

Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum


Increase in Token Price
(from private sale until dec ‘21)


Increase in market cap
(From May ‘19 - Dec ‘21)

Leveraging our incubation and marketing prowess, Lunar Digital Assets played a pivotal role in helping Polygon to flourish and become the Web3 powerhouse we see today.

Over three years of collaboration, we saw Polygon's token increase in price by over 500x and their Twitter account increase 10x to reach a million followers.

Services provided:

Web3 consulting & overarching strategy

User acquisition & community growth campaigns

Partnerships & business development

Press releases & daily announcements push

Influencer marketing & video content

Community ambassador program


case study: growth

Lunar Digital Assets incubated Dogechain ($DC), which is a standalone Layer-1 chain built on the Polygon edge framework that functions as a Layer-2 protocol for Dogecoin, by utilizing $DOGE as gas, Dogechain gives utility to $DOGE holders with dApps, NFTs, and decentralized gaming. Dogechain saw rapid growth within the first few months of launch with hundreds of dApps built on top of Dogechain, 10 million wallets created and more than 78 million transactions processed as of November 2022.

Dogecoin Wallet CountDogechain TX countDogechain TVL
Dogechain Case Studies


Growth Case study

We incubated the launch of Persistence’s new product, pSTAKE, a liquid staking platform allowing holders of PoS tokens to earn staking rewards for use in Ethereum's DeFi ecosystem.


Increase in TVL
(Total value locked)

Total Value Locked
August 13 - December 9 2021



Ecosystem of multi-chain Web3 products


Increase in market cap
(Private sale - Dec ‘21)


Increase in price
(private sale - Dec ‘21)

Lunar Digital Assets worked with Persistence from their initialization to private sale ($0.15) to now blockchain consulting and full-spectrum marketing & community growth.

We incubated the launch of their new project, pSTAKE, a platform allowing holders of PoS tokens to earn staking rewards for use in Ethereum's DeFi ecosystem.

Services provided:

Press features on premier publications

Blockchain incubation for pSTAKE

Community ambassador program

Full-spectrum video & graphic design

Content creation and social marketing


Growth Case Study

Lunar Digital Assets incubated QuickSwap, a decentralized exchange which is now the largest dApp on the Polygon Network. We worked with them on branding, community growth, and full-suite marketing services, growing their TVL (Total Value Locked) to 1B+ and their fully diluted market cap to over $500M (as of June '21).


Increase in TVL
(Total value locked)

Total Value Locked
January - June 2021


case Study: quickswap

Largest DEX on Polygon Network


Increase in price
(Seed Price - Dec ‘21)

Lunar Digital Assets incubated QuickSwap, the largest DEX on Polygon Network which saw a 372x increase in price from their initial price of $0.67 until today.

We acted as an extension of their core team - forming many of their partnerships and listings and helping them conduct a full-spectrum marketing campaign.

Twitter Growth Case Study

After our first three months working with Comdex, we managed to grow their Twitter account from under 1000 followers to over 24,000+ followers.  In addition, we substantially increased community engagement in Telegram, Reddit, and several of their other community channels.


overall community growth

November - April 2022